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We can help turn your great tech company into a great brand by developing unique branding solutions that fit your needs. We specialize in the tech industry, helping brands stand out in the crowded landscape and designing solutions for growth.

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What clients think

“…we worked on 2 rebranding projects at a financial software company, and a audio data connection company. In both cases, Arik was thoughtful through the process, considering all the stakeholders’ inputs as he gathered with me the requirement document for the rebrand brief. Once the brief was complete, he followed by presenting three directions each addressing a go-to-market direction with both an innovative point of view and creative panache. I believe Arik’s talent is listening and understanding a company’s business goals and markets and then using his immense artistic talent to interpret those goals into visual language. He stands by deadlines, is transparent in his operation, and an all around supportive partner in reaching visual marketing goals.”

Limor Raz, VP Marketing

“As our brand and design studio of choice, Arik proves time and again that he is the best partner for all of Novidea’s design needs. Arik led our corporate rebrand after saving us from a failed attempt with a different vendor. We have worked together for over year now. His talent and insight are matched by his dedication and reliability.”

Julie Shafiki, CMO at Novidea

I have worked with Arik at different companies for the last 20 years, and can honestly say he's the best designer I've worked with. He is extremely talented, has a wonderful work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kate Shopper, Head of Marketing

"Arik is my go-to art director and graphic designer, whether it's for a client who needs to build their brand from scratch or for a company that already has their look and feel and needs a creative solution for a new project. In the more than 10 years we have worked together, Arik has never disappointed me. He commits to a time frame and delivers on time, and the results are always extremely high caliber and tailored to the client's needs."

Rebecca Herson, B2B Marketer

"I had the pleasure of working with Arik Mergi. It was a pure professional experience. Arik's design caught me right away and we keep on getting great feedback from customers about the product's simplicity and great design. More than just designing the product Arik had great insight about the functionality and contributed a lot to the product's success."

Naomi Shalom Rubinstein, CEO and Founder. Bettercare Ltd.

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