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Hot hummus, with a warm welcome. Forget about the cold hummus spread you see in your local grocery store and prepare yourself for a happy hummus experience: VISH – an updated urban hummus bar serving hot hummus dishes with a variety of delicious toppings, with fresh Yemenite pita and a warm smile. So, all you have to do is tear off a nice piece of pita, ‘wipe’ a nice amount of hummus from your plate, and enjoy, while whispering to yourself, “VISH… what a dish”! The brand language we created for VISH expresses the connection between the Mediterranean world and the experience of healthy vegetarian eating. With the growing trend of healthy food, and to position VISH as an attractive option for healthy fast food, we highlighted the message of food produced inhouse, with organic vegetables and no preservatives, and made exclusively for the restaurant chain. VISH currently has 7 branches in the US and 4 in Europe and plans to open 10 more branches around the world.