Silbermann | Branding

Silbermann Technologies is one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture, installation, and service of medical gas systems and components. The company, which began operations in 1950 as a small workshop, has undergone significant development, including adding product lines that can be found today at the forefront of medical technology. These changes, and the company’s wish to be known in the global medical tech market, gave rise to the need for a rebranding process that would position them as a category leader. Through this process, we came to understand that Silbermann was engaged in innovation, quality, and genuine collaboration with customers. Accordingly, we decided to develop a branding concept that would business as a global company with 50 years of expertise and knowledge, that provides quality products for a variety of needs across the medical field, with the highest quality control combined with agile engineering and the ability to quickly respond with product design that isn’t off-the-shelf.

The challenge was to preserve the company’s heritage identify, along with their identifiable colors, yet create a new, updated look with the goal of turning it into a well-positioned, global company. We developed a graphic language that addresses the company’s distinct and unique parameters, drawing inspiration from the field of medical gas. As an integral part of the branding process, we produced multi-day photo shoot sessions of Silbermann systems within operating rooms and patient rooms, with an emphasis on the power of the brand as a comprehensive solution for hospital medical gas systems.