RMDY | Branding

RMDY operates within the field of digital healthcare, and developed a technology platform that enables large healthcare companies to transition quickly and effectively from providing traditional medical services to providing virtual medical services on a cloud-based platform. The technology allows for patient monitoring and management of personalized healthcare, according to the needs of the specific health care organization. Our mission was to create a corporate identity and graphic language that highlights the simplicity of the transition to digital healthcare and monitoring, without the need for patients to leave home.

The new brand story that we created for RMDY focuses on changing the future of healthcare through ‘connections’ – the connection between medicine and technology, the connection between patients and doctors, and the connection between patients and health care organizations. The brand language we created is based on the core value of ‘connections’, and is reflected in all the elements of the graphic language, from the logo to the iconic design and the photographic language that presents a fresh visual look for the brand.