Etrog Man | Branding

Uzi-Eli Hezi, known as ‘the Etrog Man’, is the long-time owner of the picturesque juice and natural supplement shop in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Uzi-Eli learned the art of natural health supplements from his Yemenite mother and through his travels around the world. At the heart of his work is the approach of Maimonides, who wrote about the medicinal qualities of the etrog. At Uzi-Eli’s shop, you can find a variety of colorful juices from different fruits and vegetables, many of them based on the etrog, and all of them made with natural ingredients. Each juice has its own benefits for both body and soul. The shop also sells natural health care products, made by hand. Over the years, Uzi-Eli’s portrait has become the brand’s leading characterstic, so we turned his colorful image into the center of the new brand language. The inspiration for the brand language is drawn from illustrations from medical texts and the anatomical structure of the body – together with the vibrant colors, we created a new world of health, drawn from nature.